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Lyrique-en-mer, festival de Belle-Ile, édition 2008 : Tosca, Barbier, Requiem, masterclass et… cocktail !

Lyrique-en-mer, Festival de Belle-Ile Du 19 Juillet au 15 Août 2008 2008 sera la onzième édi­tion du de Lyrique-en-Mer, Fes­ti­val de Belle Ile. Outre les deux opé­ras majeurs don­nés à la Cita­delle que sont le Bar­bier de Séville de Ros­si­ni et Tos­ca de Puc­ci­ni, les quatre églises de Belle Ile accueille­ront un concert de musique sacrée avec au pro­gramme cette …

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Tournée australienne pour « My Fair Lady » : du 15 mai au 4 août 2008, à Melbourne, Sydney et Canberra

MY FAIR LADY – Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Lowe For Hen­ry Hig­gins, pro­fes­sor of lin­guis­tics and confir­med miso­gy­nist, trans­for­ming a stree­tur­chin into a lady is a tri­vial task, done to honour a bet with his friend Colo­nel Picke­ring. Until, of course, he meets the proud lit­tle cock­ney, Eli­za Doo­lit­tle, and finds that his raw mate­rial might not be so …

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Centre d’Arts de Melbourne : Don Giovanni, W.A. Mozart, from 14 November 2007 to 14 December 2007

Don Giovanni – W.A. Mozart Set in the Spa­nish Catho­lic socie­ty of the 17th Cen­tu­ry, it places the flam­boyant free­dom-loving sedu­cer in the most moral­ly repres­sive envi­ron­ment pos­sible, but Don Giovanni’s refu­sal to repent makes him one of the first great modern anti-heroes. Ted­dy Tahu Rhodes pulls on his thigh length boots once more to sing the role which he …

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« Les contes d’Hoffmann », Offenbach, from september 11th to december 13th, Sydney

In an artis­tic coup for our natio­nal ope­ra com­pa­ny, Richard Hickox conducts a new pro­duc­tion of The Tales of Hoff­mann direc­ted by Stuart Maun­der and fea­tu­ring one of Australia’s most exci­ting artists, Emma Mat­thews, playing four dif­ferent roles to create Hoffmann’s ulti­mate woman. The star­ry-eyed Hoff­mann is entran­ced by Olym­pia, sedu­ced by Giu­liet­ta and obses­sed by fra­gile Anto­nia, and when …

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« The Gondoliers », Gilbert & Sullivan, from september 18th to november 3rd, Sydney

Nothing is sacred when arch sati­rist, W.S. Gil­bert and musi­cal genius, Arthur Sul­li­van, get to work. So pre­pare your­self for a deli­cious­ly wicked treat, because The Gon­do­liers is back.Giuseppe and Mar­co spend their days on the magi­cal water­ways of Venice and their nights with their love­ly young wives. Life is good. So when a royal dele­ga­tion from an unk­nown cor­ner …

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Opéra de SYDNEY, du 26 juin au 30 août 2007, en vrac : Trouvère, Barbier de Séville et Enlèvement au Sérail

VERDI – Il Tro­va­tore Jul 2007 Tue 3rd to Aug 2007 Sat 4th Il tro­va­tore is set in fif­teenth-cen­tu­ry Spain but the com­po­ser was living through the chao­tic Ita­lian poli­tics of the late 1840s. Elke Neidhardt’s pro­duc­tion, upda­ted to the Spa­nish Civil War, demons­trates how ope­ra speaks the lan­guage of revo­lu­tion, wha­te­ver the era. Welsh-born tenor Den­nis O’Neill is the …

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